Drivers Name: Riley Rogers

Truck Number: 00

Team Name: Killerelli Racing

Sponsors: Extreme Towing and Recovery, H&H Accounting, Wildside Wraps

Racing background: Riley starting racing go-karts at age 5. At age 11 he moved to cars at Meridian Speedway were he won his first championship. At age 13 he moved to non winged sprints. Then in 2016 he won a championship in high school tuners and 2nd place in the Sprints and started running his pro truck.

Other interests:

Working on cars.

Drivers Name: Brent Nelson

Truck Number: 2

Team Name: B&E Racing

Sponsors: Still getting

Racing background: Trucks, Street Stock

Other interests: Spend time with family, Fishing, working

Employer: Self

Job Description:  Owner

Drivers Name: John Wong

Truck Number:3

Team Name: JW Racing

Sponsors: Champion Produce , Wong Farms, World Star Packaging

Racing background:

2002 and 2003 Pro Truck Champion

Other interests:

Snowmobiling, Drag Racing, Razoring, Hanging out with my chidren and grand children

Employer: Self Employed

Job Description:  Agriculture

Drivers Name: Jerry Rice

Truck Number: 4

Team Name: Rice Racing


Citizen Building Supply----Twin Falls Storage

Racing background: Thunder Stock, Grand Nationals (street stocks), Trucks

Other interests: Camping, Family

Employer: The Car Store

Job Description:  Mechanic

Drivers Name: Trey Manker

Owner Alan Larson

Truck Number: 5

Team Name: TreyDawg Racing

Sponsors: Agri West, Arrow Automotive, Snake River Tires

Racing background: I have been racing race karts since I was 7 years old. I have won many championships in asphalt as well as dirt winged karts. I started racing a mustang when I was 12 winning Magic Valley Speedway's Junior Stinger Championship. When I was 13 I moved up to ministocks racing at Meridian Speedway as well as Pocatello Speedway. I have many qualifying, heat race, and main event wins in this class. I am super excited to be moving up and racing with the Pro Truck series this year!!

Other interests: I also play football and baseball for Twin Falls High School. I am an Honors student with a 3.92 GPA.

Employer: Mankers property Management

Job Description:  Mow Lawns, Help with Cleanups

Drivers Name: Trevor Arnold

Truck Number: 6

Team Name: T&S Racing

Sponsors: Blue Mule Auctions, Arnold Construction, A/K Sign Co., Trade and Loan pawn shop,

Silvercreek realty/Sue Arnold

Racing background: IMCA modified division 2005-2013

Pro Truck Series 2016

Other interests: Fishing, golf, camping

Employer: Self

Job Description:  It all needed done yesterday

Drivers Name: Rodney park

Truck Number: 7

Team Name: 24/7 racing

Sponsors: Picks insulation, Gaco, Kings camo

Racing background:

Rodney has been racing sense 2001 in the figure 8 trains, and is a 4 time champion . Rodney has also raced a maverick modified and a hornet.

Other interests: Camping, hunting, and spending time with his kids and grandkids

Employer: Self employed

Job Description:  Owner of Picks insulation

Drivers Name: Scott Luttmer

Truck Number: 9

Team Name: Luttmer Racing

Sponsor: The Dutch Garden Florist, Schaeffer Oil, Luttmer Farms Inc.

Racing background: 2012 Pro Truck Champion

Other interests: Snowmobiling, Basketball, Motorcycling

Employer: Luttmer Farms Inc.

Job Description:  Owner- Farmer & Custom Farming

Drivers Name: Jason Quale

Owner Name: Bruce Quale

Truck Number: 12

Team Name: Quale Racing

Sponsors: Quale's Electronics, Heeling Construction, Custom Auto Repair,

Racing background:

JR Stingers and Hornets at Magic Valley Speedway. 3 Seasons in Pro Truck Series 9th, 7th & 4th Place Points, 1 Win.

Other interests: Not really anything else.

Employer: Quale's Electronics

Job Description:  Delivery, Installs and Sales

Drivers Name: Samuel Harris

E-mail address:

Truck Number: 13

Sponsors: 4 Bros dairy, SENDOA homes, Aquafina

Racing background: None

Other interests: Hunting and fishing spending time with kids

Employer: Sendoa homes

Job Description:  General Contractor


Drivers Name: Alan Larson

Truck Number: 14

Team Name: Team Larson Racing

Sponsors: Custom Auto Repair, K and J Repair, Miller Farms

Racing background: Thunder Stocks, Pony Stocks, Street Stocks and Trucks

Other interests: Snowmobiling, Hanging out with my kids and grandkids

Employer: Agri Service

Job Description:  Sales

Drivers Name: Daniel Shirley

Owner Name: Dan Shirley

Truck Number: 23

Team Name: Shirley Motorsports

Sponsors: Magic Valley Transmission, Shirley Trucking, Mikey's graphics, Gem State Welders supply

Racing background:

racing since 2007

07 hornet div. ROTY award, 2nd place championship

08 hornet div. 2nd place championship

09 super stock div. ROTY award, 4th place championship

10 super stock div. 2nd place championship

11 super stock div. 2nd place championship

12 super stock div. 4th place championship (out early) fan favorite award

13 super stock div. 5th place championship (out early)

14 pro truck div. ROTY award, 3rd place championship, best looking truck

15 pro truck div. 3rd place championship, best looking truck

16 limited race schedule

crew for NASCAR K&N team (limited 2 yr.) crew for NASCAR Mexico Team (limited 2 yr.)

Other interests All motorsports and restoration

Employer: Magic valley transmission, Shirley Trucking

Job Description:  owner

Drivers Name: Jayden park

Truck Number: 24

Team Name: 24/7 racing

Sponsors: Picks Insulation, kings Camo, Lapolla

Racing background:

Jayden started racing when he was 14 years old at Rocky Mountain raceway.

Jayden has raced Hornets, Double Deckers, Modifieds,

Super Stocks, Figure 8 Trains and now the Trucks

Other interests:

Camping, fishing, hunting

Employer: Picks insulation

Job Description:  Sprayer

Drivers Name: John Newhouse

Truck Number: 26

Team Name: Newhouse Motorsports

Sponsors: Twin Falls Car, Coca Cola.

KIDD Performance &Dyno. Burks tractor. Praxair.

Racing background: 2007 RMCS Super Late Model Champ.

3-time Pro Truck Champion

Other interests: Everything

Employer: The Car Store

Job Description:  Auto sales

Drivers Name: Ron Lawser

Truck Number: 28


Mountie Moose Bakery

JLG Industries

Racing background: 45 years of racing

Other interests: Hunting

Employer: JLG Industries

Job Description:  Regional Mgr..

Drivers Name: Mason Newhouse

Truck Number: 36

Team Name: Newhouse Motorsports

Sponsor: The Car Store, KIDD Performance & Dyno, Coca Cola, Praxair,

MR Gas, Thompson Motorsports, Burks Tractor,

Racing background: Meridian Speedway track record. 3rd in points in 2016

Other interests:Snowboarding. Snow biking, Football, Boating, Motorcycle Riding

Employer: High school

Job Description:  School

Owners Name: "JP" Johnny Pierre

Drivers Name: TBD

Truck Number 38

Team Name: Back to Back to Back


Truck is currently for sale

Drivers Name: Tanner Wong

Owner Name: John Wong

Truck Number:48

Team Name: JW Racing

Sponsors: Champion Produce, Wong Farms, World Star Packaging

Racing background: Go carts, Pro Trucks

Other interests:

Snowmobiling, Music, Hanging out with his Dad ;)

Employer: Wong Farms

Job Description:  Farming

Drivers Name:

Casey Pehrson

Truck Number:62

Team Name: Team 26

Sponsors: Idaho Powder Coating

Racing background: Casey started racing in 2010.  Casey has raced in four different divisions and has finished 2nd in the points race in three different seasons.  Casey has won four (4) "Rookie of The Year" titles including the NASCAR Idaho State Rookie of The Year in 2012.

Other interests: Golfing and Fishing.

Employer: Commercial Tire Job Description:  Assistant Manager

Drivers Name: Drew Reitsma

Truck Number: 73

Team Name: REITSMA



Job Description:  HERDSMAN

Drivers Name: Travis Monett

Truck Number: 77

Team Name: Monett Motorsports

Sponsors: Alternative Maintenance Solutions, Napa Autoparts

Racing background:

Raced in the Premier series at Magic Valley Speedway beginning in 2007.  Moved to the Rocky Mountain Challenge for the next several series and now looking to make 8 or more starts in the Pro Truck Series in 2017

Other interests: Too many to list...all kinds of sports, hunting and outdoors.  My faith and my family are my top priorities in my life. 

Employer: Elko County School District- Vice Principal at Adobe Middle School

Job Description: Vice Principal in a junior high....need I say more??!!

Drivers Name: Kevan Larson

Owner: Alan Larson

Truck Number: 88

Team Name: Team Larson Racing

Sponsors: K and J Repair, Custom Auto Repair, Miller Farms

Racing background: Thunder Stocks, Pony Stocks and Trucks

Other interests: Snowmobiling, Boating

Employer: K and J Repair

Job Description:  Owner

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