2015 Pro Truck Schedule

2014 ASA Pro Truck Series Banquet in the Books

January 11, 2015

Pr. ASA Pro Trucks


Cactus Pete’s Hotel and Casino again hosted the combined ASA Pro Truck, Rocky Mountain Challenge series Champions banquet. With 120 in attendance the room was full and ready to have some fun and honor 2 champions, Johnny Pierre from the trucks, and Eric Rhead from the RMCS. Mike Minegar didn’t let us down in the fun department with his ability to keep everyone laughing. Randy Kerr along with Gavin Vergel and Cole Reeder put together a power point presentation and videos for a look back on the 2014 season. A few fun awards were given including a gallon gas can to the 23 team in an effort to help make sure they are not one gallon shy on gas when they come through tech in 2015. Steve Casteel was given some colorful crouched shorts to help show off his sexy legs. Sam Harris received a package from the Southwest Tour trucks that included a two pack of water bottles that said to Sam with Love. A pre-season video of Jason Quale’s epic failed attempt at mastering the hula hoop was played, after he proved his ability to be smooth and carry the momentum required to be successful in the series, he was awarded “Most improved Driver”

Johnathan Gomez was on hand to accept his third place finish in the RMCS as well as represent Century Motorsports and Marie. Gomez announced his plans to continue his partnership through the 2015 season. Cortlin Runyan of NAPA, Derrick Hope of Extreme Staffing, Ed Goff of Goff Metal Fabrication, Greg Reitsma of Reitsma Holsteins and Blake Bessire of Sleep Solutions all took the stage and announced they are looking forward to a continued partnership with the Pro Truck series in 2015. Kerr announced Sharp Transportation, Agri-Service and Hoosier Tire west are schedule to continue as well.

Sleep Solutions continued the tradition of giving away a bed to one of the drivers whose truck had competed in all of the events in 2014. Johnny Pierre did the drawing and pulled Alan Larson’s truck number from the box.

Johnny Pierre and Eric Rhead both took the stage and thanked the sponsors, official’s, crews and families. Pierre was honored with a Champions Cup, Hoosier Racing Jacket, and the Iron Man award for completing every main event lap in 2014. Scott Luttmer, runner up in the Pro Truck series also was honored as a co-Iron Man completing every main event lap of 2014

The banquet wrapped up some announcements for the 2015 racing season for the Pro Trucks and for the RMCS. The Pro truck rules are scheduled to be released January 15th and the schedule shortly after February 1st. The RMCS hopes to announce a complete schedule around the same time.

Other Pro Truck awards included:

Ron Lawser (Montana Ron) Million Mile award for traveling the most miles in a single season

Jay McDonald (Jay Mac) “Most Effort Displayed”.

Sam Harris, a plaque with a shovel “For his unique ability to shovel the most crap in a single season”

Dan Doan, 2014 Pro Truck “Playgirl Pin up award”

Kendel Woll, “Most Helpful to Others”

Mason Newhouse “Hard Charger”

Alan Larson “2014 Owners Champion – Most Fun to Race Against”

Drew Reitsma “Sportsman of the Year”

Daniel Shirley “2014 Rookie of the Year” “Third Place”

Keith Thomas “Best Looking Truck” – “Owners Champion”

Scott Luttmer “Iron Man” – “Best Dressed Crew” “2014 Runner Up”

Johnny Pierre “Iron Man” – “2014 Champion”